Get Involved in the Community!

I strongly believe everyone should give back to their community in some way, shape or form. There are some incredible charities, volunteer programs and foundations within our local area. Below are a few local organizations that I have worked with or continually work with. These non-profits offer plenty of different options to get involved whether it’s donating time, money, energy or manual labor. Please look into each foundation and get involved! It’s extremely important to build and better the community and world we live in. Click over to the website(s) or feel free to contact me directly with any questions or wishes to get involved.

The Young & Brave Foundation

The Young and Brave Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization dedicated to helping today’s youth beat cancer.  We aim to help these brave fighters and their families overcome the challenges and hardships brought upon by cancer. Built on the foundation of LOVE we exist to inspire, encourage, inform, as well as to invest directly into treatment and recovery. We do so through networking, individual fundraising drives, community building, and financial support. Our one goal is to fight cancer along side those that shouldn’t fight alone.
Cancer affects nearly everyone these days but those under the age of 30 are the unexpected ones. That’s who we are built for. Cancer is going to be the fight of any one’s young life. We know this and we are here to help. You don’t ever prepare for cancer so from day one we are a resource. Whether it through fundraising, advocacy, alternative medicines or just being there to listen, we are here to fight with you! Something as simple as a starting point, a push in the right direction or a simple phone call to the right person are all things that we can provide.
Creating a community of fighters, survivors and activists unified to beat cancer is our destination. We believe in you, we believe in LOVE and we believe in your right to fight like hell!

Golden Heart Ranch

Golden Heart Ranch (GHR) provides young adults with intellectual and development disabilities opportunities to reach their fullest potentials and enjoy meaningful, satisfying and joyful lives. We are an inclusive community where all young adults learn, work and create lifelong friendships in a supportive and caring environment.

Step Up

Step Up envisions that all individuals, families, and communities affected by mental illness will have the opportunity to experience recovery and a sense of belonging, and that permanent supportive housing will be available to everyone who needs it.
Step Up delivers compassionate support to people experiencing serious mental illness to help them recover, stabilize, and integrate into the community. Through dynamic partnerships, we provide positive social and learning environments, vocational training, permanent supportive housing opportunities, and recovery services to empower individuals to cultivate lives of hope and dignity. We exercise innovative leadership and advocacy to increase public understanding, support and acceptance of all people living with mental illness.

Habitat For Humanity

The overwhelming need for housing in our communities have provided Habitat For Humanity Greater Los Angeles (Habitat LA) with a unique opportunity to change lives in our neighborhoods.
Los Angeles ranks as one of the least affordable housing areas in the U.S. and yet Habitat for Humanity is one of the few – if not only – affordable homeownership programs that serves families and individuals earning 30-80% of the median family income.
Cost burden and overcrowding are the most serious problems experienced by very low-income area Southern California residents.
Working with volunteers, families and individuals, corporations, congregations and donors we are able to tackle this important housing issue throughout greater Los Angeles.  We are dedicated to making homeownership possible for low-income, hardworking families and individuals.