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Below are some reviews left by both current and past clients. As a licensed Realtor®, I pride myself on customer service before, after and during the transaction. Growing up in Southern California and living in different parts of the surrounding LA area, I can provide you with neighborhood insights, restaurant recommendations, school information and much more. Please feel free to reach out for contractors, architects, designers, house keepers and more! This truly is your one stop shop for all real estate related matters. I look forward to the opportunity to earn your business.
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Cameron has been a great help in not only buying homes but also dealing with contractors and tenants. He is very knowledgeable yet laid back. He is completely trustworthy and incredibly professional. My wife and I lead very busy lives so having someone put in all the ground work whilst insuring everything is done with impeccable timing and flow was beyond helpful. The best thing about him is that once you work with Cameron, you are a customer for life. If you ever need anything or have questions after the sale, he is always willing to help. Highly recommended!

– Mackenzie Hunkin & Louise Roe, E! News Fashion Journalist & Director/Producer
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Cameron was a fantastic agent. Honest, available and made everything seamless for us. This experience was the least stressful real estate transaction I’ve ever had and I know it was in large part to him. Cameron took care of my family from start to finish, and then some. He truly went the extra mile to make this a smooth transition.

– Jamie Lynn Sigler, Actress
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Cameron was instrumental in finding a willing buyer for us at the right point in our family’s life and at the right price. He and his team provided value-added analysis and insight into comparable real estate transactions in our immediate area, which ultimately gave us comfort in knowing that we received fair value.

– Chris Parker, Director of Wells Fargo Capitol Finance
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Cam is the best on all levels. He made this entire process a breeze. Cam made sure we were always protected and taken care of. We had an accepted offer in 48 hours. I highly recommend Cameron to anyone looking for the best possible real estate service.

– Cutter Dykstra, Professional Baseball Player
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Cameron was fantastic!! Friendliest guy, and keeps it extremely professional, as well. I’m not easy to work with, and change my mind a lot, and he stuck with me every step of the way with the best attitude and determination to find me a place I would absolutely love to call home. Every time Cameron and I visited a new place and I had comments, he listened to all of them and implemented all of my suggestions. It’s not like we kept on visiting places that all shared a common attribute that I didn’t like, they increasingly got better and better– which is a feat of strength for someone picky like me! I was seeing tons of options quite rapidly with Cameron– he kept me very appraised of all impending due dates, offers, etc — never a dull moment! He also was very polite in asking if I needed transportation at any point during our travel to visits, and always arrived on time to our appointments will all information on hand, perfectly organized. Cameron also gave me explicit directions for how to take care of the paperwork promptly and efficiently so it did not seem like a hassle what-so-ever– which is extremely helpful for someone with a busy career already inundated with all sorts of paperwork. The ‘signing’ process was truly painless.

Fast forward to today I am in a place that I LOVE to call home and I can’t imagine every leaving. Thank you Cam for everything!

 – Olenka Polak, VP of MyLingo
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Cameron was very diligent, hard working, patient and available day and night to keep our buying process moving forward. It took us several months to find the right home and he never gave up on our pursuit. He works with an experienced support team that was always there to provide additional inputs on complex matters. Collectively he and his team provided the best overall service to a buyer that I’ve experienced over my 30 years as a homeowner of multiple homes in the Los Angeles area. We would recommend him to any of our friends.

– Mark Youhanaie, Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems’ Leader
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Cameron Christensen was the agent who represented us and together, buyer and seller, successfully to get our home sold. Cameron kept us informed about every detail from start to finish. He was always ready to answer any questions we might have and was a pleasure to work with. He is very conscientious and he was able to make the transaction as stress free as possible. We would definitely recommend Cameron whether you are buying or selling a home. He truly is a delight to work with and really knows his stuff!

 – Bob & Sydney Machon

(Represented Buyer & Seller on their North Ranch Property)

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